Solfari Node Centrality

What makes a great lightning network node central? Consider the following factors when choosing a node partner:

  1. Centrality – A simple concept that is measured through multiple metrics to measure how likely a node is involved in routing lightning transactions.
  2. Capacity – The node size permits handling a large transaction volume or greater value so that you experience a low transaction failure chance.
  3. Reliability – How much can you rely upon a node to be there when you need it!

The following metrics describe the criteria for choosing a node operator:

Betweenness – How often is the node the shortest path between two nodes.

Hopness – How many hops does it take to reach any node from this node.

Hubness – How big and well connected a node is to other big and well connected nodes.

Availability –

Here’s the story about how we built our node quality. We’d love to hear your thoughts on ideas of what you did that worked!