Lightning Nework Resources List

Here are some of our favorite lightning network resources and why we like them. Submit your suggestions to us to add to the list!

Node Research:

Amboss – They offer great visuals about node’s liquidity balance and fee structure to infer for yourself if a node might be the right one to connect to.

1ML – Their node rankings across different metrics is a fantastic resource for node digging when you are trying to improve your betweenness, hubness or hopness.

LNnodeinsight – Simulating what will happen to your centrality metrics by potentially connecting to a node is critical to making good decisions for your node. LNnodeinsight is a necessary tool for early stage node operators.

LNrouter – Want to visualize your node within the larger network? LNrouter is the place to do this easily and spot areas where you can increase your centrality metrics too!